Costa Rica is known as a beautiful country with many wealthy traditions, especially when it comes to weddings. From apparel to service and reception traditions, Puerto Rican marriage ceremonies are always a one-of-a-kind celebration of love.

One of the most popular costa rican marriage ceremony traditions is the serenata. This unique personalized is completed some days prior to the actual service. The groom, accompanied by his close friends and a band in tow, goes to the bride’s house for a surprise konzertveranstaltung. The group usually sings classic romantic tunes towards the bride and her family members.

During the ceremony, really for brides to be to wear a black cotton dress and a veil. This is a symbolic gesture of eternal love and loyalty to the husband. The star of the wedding is often adorned with plants, jewelry and hats. Grooms typically use dark satisfies with bend ties or perhaps bolo jewelry that coordinate with all the bride’s outfit.

After the wedding service, it is customary for the couple to go to their particular wedding reception. The party typically will last before the early hours of the morning. The party comprises of plenty of food and drinks and of course plenty of dancing.

A typical Puerto Rican marriage ceremony reception features dishes called Casados. These dishes include plantains, a variety of meats and seafood. They are offered alongside traditional beverages like guaran and beer. A wedding gift idea from good friends or is also a tradition in Costa Rica. Close relatives frequently give the bride and groom an item of decor to show off in their house, for every time or calendar year of their marriage.